Yep, at last I’ve got myself a ‘2011 macbook pro 15 (actually 8.1?) .

After a week play around with her, I have to say it will never be a bad choice I’ve ever made. I should have purchased a macbook nearly 2 years ago, but I chosen dell studio 1557 (with Intel i7 quad core processor and AMD HD4570 graphic card, of course 4GB RAM ) because I’m not so sure I could just say goodbye to windows. Thanks to dell, that laptop bring me into the world of linux and unix, shown me even a wonder-er landscape of computer and system. :) The fancy famous touchpad now is my best friend. I can just focus on keyboard with vim(when coding and ssh) ,vimperator(browsing the Internet) and never think about the mouse. :D Since I’m not a heavy compiling language developer so the basic php/python and unix(actually BSD) environment is good to me. Although the most of OS X already meets my needs, I still plan to intsall gentoo prefix (already done :D) and upgrade the RAM to 8GB. I was purchasing this mac just one day before Lion going released, So I need to apply for upgrade plan while I’m looking forward to it. Now I’m enjoying time with mac :D

Here’s some photos.

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